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The Chamber Energy Program is Saving your members $$$

  • small community church was not aware that both their gas and electric agreements had expired and were now on variable rates more than double market rates. They were also paying sales tax on their natural gas bill even though they should be 100% exempt. They decided to sign up with the Chamber Energy Program and saved an estimated $5,000 annually.
  • restaurant unfortunately had signed an agreement at a higher-than-market rate prior to sending their bill for a review. The Chamber Energy Program team will help to monitor when it’s time to renew and help them to secure competitive rates when their contract is up.
  • home owner sent in their bills and were on a high variable rate because they were not aware that their contract had ended. The Chamber Energy Program was able to offer a lower rate which they chose to secure for 60 months, ultimately providing them long-term protection. They saved an estimated $1,200 annually.
  • After reviewing bills for a home-based business, we found they were in long-term contracts at great rates. We recommended they stay on these low rates and will reach out to them when it gets closer to renewal to ensure they don’t move to a high month-to-month variable rate.

- Community Energy Advisors

The Franklin Area Historical Society enrolled in the Chamber Energy Program; we are projected to save $800/year on gas/electricity! We operate an historic house museum and operate with a very small budget, so this is a huge savings for us.

- Board President, Franklin Area Historical Society

We switched to the SOCA Benefit plan available through the Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce, and we saved over $100,000 annually on our premiums.

- Traci Stivers, Franklin Township Administrator

See how Teamworx Self Insured Workers Compensation Program is saving these area businesses...

“Teamworx has not only saved us real money, but they helped with our employee handbooks which has reduced liabilities”—Sandy Ambrose- ESJ Carrier

“Teamworx has been very responsive and professional-I’m glad I made the switch” Rich Coleman-The Painting Contractor

“These guys have saved us thousands of dollars-they have become a trusted advisor” Jim Guenther- Guenther & Sons


“Ever since the gas & electric industries were deregulated, I would choose an alternate supplier and save lots of money. However, I would always miss the renewal date, or I would miss the fine print in the contract – and the end result was I spent a lot more than if I had just stayed with Duke. Enter Community Energy Advisors: they researched all the options for me, taking into account the fine print. They recommended a company and a term, and I will save over $500 this year on my gas and electric – and I won't have to worry about any of the "gotchas" that I've run into in the past. I'm thrilled to have CEA taking this off my plate and giving me a better result than I would get if I were doing it myself.”


- Andrea Brady, Executive Director, Milford Miami Township Chamber of Commerce 

I'm using the SOCA Energy Program and it's saving me on my monthly electric spend. The process to enroll was simple and quick. I sent my energy bill to CEA and within one day I was switched over and saving. It's a no brainer. I can't understand why everyone isn't doing this. 

- Mikki Caston- SOCA Program Manager

"We are so happy we switched benefit providers to Elavon. Our own set-up process was seamless! John Webb and his team really understood our needs and were able to answer any of our questions on the spot! It was the smoothest transition we have experienced! We are eager to share our experience with our members!"


- Kettering Moraine Oakwood Chamber

The SOCA Chamber Energy Program is saving these businesses and individuals throughout Ohio...

  • In Montgomery County, a residence reduced their natural gas rate by 37%
  • A non-profit in Little Miami saved $1,700 annually and filed for their natural gas sales tax exemption
  • Residential members in the Heights-Hillcrest area recently reduced their energy rates by over 40%
  • In Highland County, a chiropractor reduced their electric supply rate by 9%
  • One chamber member in Van Wert enrolled their small business and home in the program, saving a total 
    of nearly $400 per year
  • One Ohio-based learning center filed to eliminate their natural gas sales tax while also reducing their 
    annual energy spend by $1,300!

- SOCA Chamber Energy

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