SOCA Benefit Plan

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance has joined forces with the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce, the Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber to form a self-funded medical benefit plan aimed at small employers with 2 to 50 employees.
SOCA recently received authorization from the Ohio Department of Insurance to form the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Benefit Plan.
The SOCA Benefit Plan (hereafter, the Plan) is a multiple employer welfare arrangement. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield provides claims administration and stop loss protection. Participating employers are required to maintain membership with a Chamber of Commerce that is authorized to offer the Plan. Initially, distribution of the Plan is limited to Anthem Champion and Elite brokers who have completed specified training. The Plan is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by participating employers.
State law requires the Plan to have a minimum of 300 enrolled employees. Efforts are under way to begin operations on May 1, 2016 if the minimum enrollment is met.
The authorization from the ODI comes after nearly three years of vetting the idea and planning among various partners, according to Matt Appenzeller, Executive Director for SOCA. "This is a great example of Chambers of Commerce and our partners throughout Ohio coming together for a common goal of providing value to the business community," he said. "We have great partners. I think we're all pretty excited to get started." The SOCA Benefit Plan will be offered through approximately 250 Chambers of Commerce initially.
Additional details regarding the Plan will be disseminated in the coming months through SOCA, qualified Chambers of Commerce, and brokers who are certified to sell the Plan.

Anthem Blue Cross Shield Chamber Saver Plan


(Available in limited markets. To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.)

We know your priority is to make the most of your company's health benefit dollars, especially during a tough economy. That's why we've made it our business to offer your business a wide portfolio of affordable plan options. As a chamber member with 2-99 employees, you will have access of up to a 1.4% savings on any Anthem group health insurance plan through premium tax credit savings.*

You'll have your choice of Anthem Plans, from industry-leading consumer-driven health plans (HSAs, HRAs, HIAs), to traditional plans and all backed by the exceptional nationwide network access and local sales and service millions of Americans trust.

For a free quote, contact the chamber for a list of member brokers. Or, call SOCA at

Anthem also offers discounts on a variety of ancillary products such as dental, vision, life and disability insurance to SOCA Chambers of Commerce members.

* Discount only applies to chamber members who do not already have Anthem insurance.




Superior Dental Care


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

Superior Dental Care is proud to offer exclusive dental plans to members of the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA), including Sole Proprietors. Please visit us at WWW.SUPERIORDENTAL.COM

Superior Networks
Superior Dental Care’s highest priority is providing you with quality, and quality includes options. With over 6,000 provider locations in our Preferred Plan Network, you are guaranteed one of the broadest selections of dentists and specialists in the industry.

While you have the option to receive coverage out-of-network, ensuring maximum flexibility, we encourage our members to take advantage of the higher level of benefits available and protection from balance billing when they choose to remain in-network.

Superior Features
Not only do we offer the most competitive and effective dental plans, we also include several value-added benefits with each and every plan at no additional cost to our members.

Partnering with a subset of our participating dentists, we created a cosmetic rider program called SmileRider. This means that members can take advantage of a 15% discount on elective cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and porcelain facings. Just look for participating SmileRider dentists in our network directories or online at WWW.SUPERIORDENTAL.COM.

EyeMed Vision Care Access Plan D

(Access Plan D is available only through Superior Dental Care. See below for information regarding the SOCA EyeMed Discount Cards.) 

Superior value doesn’t stop with your smile. Also offered to each member at no additional cost is a discount vision plan providing reduced fees for exams, frames, lenses and contact lenses and LASIK surgery. EyeMed Access Plan D includes one of the largest provider networks in the industry with unlimited frequency on the services used.




Prescription Savings Card


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Prescription Savings Card

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Prescription Savings Card Program is a FREE pharmacy discount card which is quite unique as it can benefit everyone including those who have an insurance prescription plan. If you have a generic copay of $10 or higher, The ApproRx discounted price will be less than your copay 70% of the time. To learn more contact Kyle Fields 1-866-900-3711.





Worker's Compensation Group Rating through Hunter Consulting


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

Hunter Consulting Company provides comprehensive consulting and claims administration in the area of Workers’ and Unemployment Compensations. The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Group Rating Program is one of the most utilized benefit programs offered. This benefit can add to your competitive edge in today's complex market.

Established in 1986, Hunter Consulting has established itself as one of Ohio's premier Third Party Administrators. Hunter has been the administrator for the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance's Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program since we were formed in 1993.

The Group Rating program is designed to substantially reduce your company's rate and may represent significant savings for your company. Our Group Rating Program is one of the fastest growing programs in the State of Ohio, offering highly competitive premium discounts while maintaining excellent claims administrative services.

For more information and a no cost, no obligation review, please contact Brandon Hunter of Hunter Consulting at 1-800-486-6652.




Community Energy Advisors


About Community Energy Advisors

Community Energy Advisors (CEA) is a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) certified energy management firm that educates and empowers organizations to maximize the economics of their energy assets.  By staying one step ahead of changes in the energy industry and utilizing analytics, advanced tariff modeling and reporting, CEA delivers a multitude of energy management solutions that positively impact customers’ bills.


Why Offer the CHAMBER ENERGY PROGRAM to your members?

Through the Chamber Energy Program, members have a unique opportunity to work with the experts at CEA for all their utility cost management needs.

  • SOCA’s Preferred energy program
  • Local experts with national expertise
  • Drive new and renewal membership
  • Save current members money
  • Create a new revenue stream for your chamber by receiving monthly re-occurring commission payments
  • Chamber members get the peace of mind that comes with the program cornerstones:  Education, Savings, and Protection

Learn more visit or contact Rick Davidson at 330-721-8000 or

HERE to enroll in the CEA Energy Savings Plan

HERE to Download PDF Brochure

HERE to Download Full Booklet


Infintech Payment Processing Services


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

Infintech LLC is the preferred payment processor of the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance.  Join the purchasing power of thousands of other business owners across the state of Ohio.

  • Proven Savings-Lower your business expenses by leveraging the buying power of the entire membership
  • Exclusive, Pre-negotiated Credit Card Processing Rates
  • Transparent Pricing
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Bank Neutrality
  • Local Service and Support
  • Discounted Pricing on Equipment

For more information, please contact your chamber or Paul Lambert at 513-739-1665



Shred-it Document Destruction


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.)

Shred-it Document Destruction is the worldwide leader in document security, providing document shredding and product destruction services.  As a local NAID certified supplier, members can rest assured that confidential records will be destroyed in a professional, timely and secure manner.

Contact Shred-it at 1-937-212-2109  for a free quote today.  Ask about special pricing for SOCA members UP TO 35% off!



Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC Foreign Exchange Services


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance has partnered with Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC to offer Chamber members discounted pricing on Foreign Exchange Services!

Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC is a boutique capital markets firm focused on providing foreign exchange payments, hedging products, and tailored consulting services to companies doing business internationally. Bannockburn specializes in providing significant cost savings through better rates of exchange, secure transactions, and customized client service


  • Have overseas vendors customers, subsidiaries, or employees?
  • Need to make currency payments or convert foreign receivables into US Dollars?
  • Have exposure to fluctuating exchange rates?
  • Know how much your bank is charging for their forex services?
  • Know if you are getting the best available exchange rate on the days you transact?

Let Bannockburn be the Industry Experts on Your Team to Help Your Company Succeed Internationally!

Your Benefits Include:

  • Bank Neutrality
  • Preferred Pricing for Chamber Members
  • User-Friendly Client Trading Portal with Live Pricing in all Time Zones, Launching Summer 2013
  • No Transaction Fees

Please Contact John Schuermann at 513-745-9866 or 937-238-1686





(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

Your chamber is focused on delivering innovative solutions to help your small business members grow and thrive. To enhance your business member's access to capital, SOCA has partnered with NOWaccount® – the first merchant service that works for B2B.

With NOWaccount, businesses choose which accounts they want to receive payment on NOW®, while their business and government customers continue to enjoy the free and flexible payment terms they require.

When customers take 30, 60, or even 90 days or more to pay, NOWaccount lets businesses turn their receivables into cash – all for the same or less than the cost of accepting a credit card for payment.

With NOWaccount:

◾Each business chooses which customers to enter into your NOWaccount.

 ◾All of the selected customer’s invoices are submitted into your NOWaccount.

◾Customers may be removed from the system at anytime, but once removed, they may not be reentered for 12 months.

 ◾Businesses receive approval decisions on their selected customers within 48 hours.

 ◾NOWaccount pays 90% of the invoice amount, less any applicable surcharge*, within 5 business days of invoice submission.

 ◾You receive the 10% reserve, less the 2.5% fee, 30 days after invoice maturity. (minimum 60 days after purchase)

 ◾Your fee is based on the payment terms you offer, not when, or if, the customer pays. Fee equals:

◾2.50% for up to Net 30 Day terms (0.25% surcharge* applied for extended 30-day terms)

◾2.75% for up to Net 60 Day terms (2.50% + 0.25% surcharge*)

◾3.00% for up to Net 90 Day terms (2.50% + 0.50% surcharge*)

◾1.00% surcharge* for customers outside the U.S. and Canada

$35/mo. Merchant Service Fee and $50 application fee WAIVED for members of your Chamber(Annual savings of over $400 per year!)

 ◾Businesses have no credit risk on the customer.

 ◾NOWaccount assumes liability for customer payments.

 ◾Businesses are responsible for satisfying customer disputes.

Contact Us! Christy Eby CEBY@MIDUSACU.COM 513-236-1628 or Adam Kearns AKEARNS@OHIOCUL.ORG 614-581-3740




The Business Backer Business Financing


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.)

Grow your business with customized funding solutions and advice for small and medium-sized businesses from The Business Backer. Your one-stop shop for fast & flexible business financing. 

Benefits for SOCA Members includes:

  • Up to 10% discount on your first funding
  • FREE business financing education sessions
  • FREE consultation on current funding

The Business Backer Difference:

  1. Personalized guidance from a Financial Advisor
  2. Ongoing access to capital
  3. Flexible payment schedules to match your needs
  4. Complete transparency with no hidden fees

For more information contact Lori Effinger 937-558-6561  or Leffinger@BUSINESSBACKER.COM or visit us at GO.BUSINESSBACKER.COM/SOCA



Trak-1 Employment Background Screening


(To determine if your Chamber offers this benefit, please find your Chamber on the Directory page.) 

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance has partnered with Trak-1 to offer chamber members discounts on employment background screening.

In an uncertain world, Trak-1 provides security by enabling organizations of all sizes to accurately and responsibly assess human risk and improve decision making.

Clients rely on Trak-1's unsurpassed data quality and return time, leading edge technologies, deep industry experience, true commitment to compliance, and respect and dedication to both them and their applicants. In short, clients experience increased profits, reduced risk and improved efficiency through Trak-1 solutions and products. Your solution is here...with at least a 12% discount for your business! That's even better!

Your Business Can Use Trak-1 to:

  • Establish an accredited and compliant way to screen potential or current employees.
  • Verify education and employment history.
  • Increase workplace safety and minimize loss.
  • Assess credit history to avoid financial improprieties.
  • Check driving records and access criminal records.
  • Conduct other types of screening including residential and volunteer

Benefits to Your Business:

  • Clean, easy to read online PDF reports for better informed decisions.
  • Fast turn-around times...with many results instantly.
  • Adverse action letters built right into the are you handling this process?
  • Local, LIVE customer support.
  • User friendly web-based system available 24/7.
  • No monthly minimums, no monthly support fees.

Learn More. CALL TODAY!

Dave Klotz at Trak-1

800-780-6407 or