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SOCA has all the latest news on Ohio chambers of commerce and chamber benefit plans.  

From small business best practices to breakdowns of complex terms, SOCA news gives your business the information it needs to thrive in modern business.  


MAY, 2023
A man wearing a neon orange vest and hard hat

In the professional world, experience is king.  

That is true regardless of whether you are looking to hire a new employee or if you need to handle workers’ compensation claims.  

MAY, 2023
The Benefits of Electronic Certificates of Origin for International Trade

Today’s economy is global, and because of this, international trade is a crucial part of business.  

One essential document required for international trade is the Certificate of Origin (CO). Historically, COs have been paper-based documents, but in recent years, electronic COs (eCOs) have become increasingly popular.  

MAY, 2023
A woman looking concerned at a laptop

Identity theft is one of the most serious threats that employees face in the world of modern business.  

Employees rely on their companies for their livelihoods. That includes keeping their essential or sensitive information safe from hackers and thieves.  

APR, 2023
A man standing behind a display of shoes

For small businesses, a good chamber of commerce is the key to growth.  

Chambers of commerce do many things for small businesses, from providing them with the local connections they need to thrive to giving them exclusive discounts and benefits they won’t find anywhere else. 

APR, 2023
A hand holding a lightbulb with a tree inside

We all care about protecting the environment from fossil fuels, pollutants, and other dangers.  

One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is by investing in renewable energy sources, like solar, wind, and geothermal. 

APR, 2023
Four people at a table laughing during a meeting

Chambers of commerce are imperative to local communities. They play a key role in supporting small businesses by ensuring they have all the benefits and opportunities to remain successful and competitive in an increasingly globalized economy. 

MAR, 2023
Six Ways to Take Advantage of Your Health Benefits When You’re Healthy

Your health plan is one of the most important tools you have at your disposal when it comes to keeping your employees and yourself healthy and secure.  

When we choose a health insurance plan, our priority is often how it will help us when we are hurt or sick. However, many plans offer valuable benefits, even when we are healthy.  

MAR, 2023
A woman filling out an employment contract

The best workplaces are environments where owners, management, and employees all feel comfortable and clear about what their jobs entail.  

One of the most important aspects of this is a legible employment contract that works for both employees and employers.  

MAR, 2023
A woman standing in front of a business door with an open sign

In today’s world, small businesses need all the advantages they can get.  

One of the best ways a small business in Southwest Ohio can get a leg up and make meaningful connections is by joining its local chamber of commerce.

FEB, 2023
A man conducting a job interview

Great job interviews are the key to finding and hiring great workers.  

However, conducting job interviews and finding the perfect candidate is one of the hardest human resource functions, and they can leave your HR professional feeling drained and uncertain.  

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