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AUG, 2021

The Chamber Energy Program, powered by Community Energy Advisors (CEA), isn’t just about saving money on electricity and gas in the short term. It’s about having a partner that looks out for your members’ best interests and helps them manage that budget long term. Electricity and natural gas rates have been climbing in the past few months making it important to mitigate those increases by locking in your rates as soon as possible. 

AUG, 2021

To keep up with today’s tech-savvy consumers, businesses are searching for ways to create a seamless, consistent shopping experience from beginning to end. Insert cloud- based point-of-sale (POS) solutions. As one of the leading trends in the payments industry, cloud-based POS adoption is expected to increase by 50% by the end of 20211. And with today’s ever-evolving technology and consumer demands, it’s easy to see why.

AUG, 2021

Do I Need HR?

AUG 9, 2021

The quick answer is the typical rule of thumb is to have one HR professional for every 100 employees. However, depending on the scope of the role and how proactive your organization is, this number may be more like 1.5 HR professionals per every 100 employees (Bloomberg Report).

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