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SOCA has all the latest news on Ohio chambers of commerce and chamber benefit plans.  

From small business best practices to breakdowns of complex terms, SOCA news gives your business the information it needs to thrive in modern business.  


OCT, 2022
Money, Driver Licenses and A keyboard for identify theft.

There are many kinds of identity theft. All of them leave the victim in a compromised position and can sometimes have long-term ramifications on their prospects and opportunities. 

SEP, 2022
Two men looking at paperwork together

Worker compensation (sometimes called workers’ comp) is one of the most important resources you have available to you.  

SEP, 2022
A girl putting her hand on her head and looking down

Mental health has worsened in recent years and according to the State of the Nation’s Mental Health report, 40% of adults reported signs of anxiety or depression in 2020. That is an increase of 10% from the 2019 study. Treatment for mental health did not increase at the same rate. 

SEP, 2022
people gathered at a tabled

Your chamber of commerce plays a vital role in your community. 

AUG, 2022
A person using his card to at a payment terminal

One of the keys to running a successful small business is providing ample ways for customers to purchase items. And in today's world, offering several credit card options gives your small business a huge edge over those that offer none. 

AUG, 2022
A woman sitting up with good posture

While growing up, many of us were told to “stand up straight!” and “watch your posture!” But what does proper posture really mean and what does it look like? 

AUG, 2022
A group having as meeting and smiling at the computer

Every business regardless of size, industry, or function has the potential to see workers hurt on the job.  

JUL, 2022
A man holding up his hands

Energy efficiency is more important than ever before. With fuel costs surging, businesses big and small are looking for ways to invest in sustainable and renewable energy.  

JUL, 2022
A Lady smiling in an apron

As a small business owner, you need to take advantage of every resource you can. Your chamber of commerce is one of the best resources available to you.  

However, many small business owners do not use their chamber benefits to their full extent.  

JUL, 2022
A man speaking to another man

Today finding quality employees is harder than ever. You and your competitors are all looking for the perfect match, but with so much competition out there, it can be hard to be sure that your business is getting the cream of the crop.  

Want to learn more about what SOCA can offer your small business? At SOCA, we provide you with all the benefits you need to thrive. Join SOCA today!  


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