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JAN, 2022
A man stretching, "How to: Encourage Fitness"

Companies cannot force fitness programs on their employees or risk any adverse health conditions from over-exertion. Employees must take part in fitness programs of their own volition.  

Even still, sedentary lifestyles can have long-term health effects on everyone. Helping to educate your employees on the health risk of sitting all day and providing physical solutions to these

JAN, 2022
Building blogs for what MEWA is and What is can do for me?

If you own a small business, then you know the importance of employee health insurance.  

Anything you can do to reduce the cost your business pays for insurance while increasing the benefits provided to your employees goes a long way towards improving your overall bottom line.  

JAN, 2022
8 Books to read in 2022, with a picture of a book

Leaders are Readers

JAN 3, 2022

Leaders are readers! It is a fundamental exercise for the brain and mind in the same way that physical exercise is important to physical health. As a Chamber leader, I recommend building at least 30 minutes of daily reading into your schedule.   

DEC, 2021
Sustainable solutions for your Business with solar panels and windmills

Every business produces waste.  

Regardless of your industry, regardless of the eco-friendly policies you have in place, your business produces waste of one kind or another.  

Not only is producing excess waste bad for the environment, but it is also very expensive to haul away your company’s waste.  

If you are looking to reduce your business’s bottom line or implement more eco-friendly policies, then reducing waste is one of the most effective actions you can take.  

DEC, 2021
Prioritizing Employee Health

Over the past year, employers have begun to take both the mental and physical health of their employees more seriously.  

According to the 2021 Future Benefits Study, 80% of employers say their company culture has been more accepting of mental health challenges in the last year, but only 59% of employers agree.  

There is a disconnect between what employers are providing and what employees need.  

For employers that want to better prioritize their employees’ health, this article will go over some strategies and tips to make the workplace healthier for both employers and employees.  

DEC, 2021
Girl putting up a sign, Welcome we are open, please come in

It’s the dream of every small-town resident: a booming local economy rich with culture and opportunity. 

The issue is that many local business owners and community managers find they don’t know what steps to take to increase the strength of their local economy. 

In essence, the problem of a weak local economy comes down to two factors. First, local businesses are too focused on competing with other small businesses and they allow corporations to take up a large percentage of local revenue. Second, local businesses buy goods from large, global companies to reduce costs.  

Both actions result in the deterioration of small businesses and the growth of outside corporations.  

OCT, 2021
Woman holding a paper with 4 data graphics surrounding her on an orange background

Whether you own a small business or one that operates on a larger scale, it is important to have a variety of different management software to ensure that your business is on pace to complete your goals.  

OCT, 2021
A group of professionals sit around a computer. Text reads "expand your network."

Every business owner has a dream.   


For some, it’s to become a titan of commerce with a dynastic grip on their industry. For others, they simply want to make a living doing what they love.    


However, for most business owners, their goals lay somewhere in between. They want a business that is modestly successful and always growing. They want to afford a wealthy, comfortable life without fear of outgrowing their small-town values and focus on their community.   

OCT, 2021
A globe sits on a desk in front of a bookshelf. Text reads "the History of Chambers of Commerce."

Chambers of Commerce are an essential part of daily American life. For the average business owner, it is nearly impossible to imagine a time before Chambers influenced their daily dealings.  

Despite this, the vast majority of people do not know how Chambers of Commerce began or the important role they played in the history of the United States. 

OCT, 2021
Four images show people at work. From the top left clockwise: two people moving boxes into a desk, a barista with his arms folded, a carpenter sanding down a wooden table, and a group of people lookin

Since their founding, all chambers of commerce have had one thing in common: they present a unified front to increase the negotiation power and rights of each business apart of the organization. 


Because of this, you want your local chamber to be as strong and stable as possible.  


While one individual cannot make a chamber of commerce strong on their own, there are many things you can do to strengthen an already strong chamber. 

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