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How to Prioritize Your Employees’ Health

Over the past year, employers have begun to take both the mental and physical health of their employees more seriously.  

According to the 2021 Future Benefits Study, 80% of employers say their company culture has been more accepting of mental health challenges in the last year, but only 59% of employers agree.  

There is a disconnect between what employers are providing and what employees need.  

For employers that want to better prioritize their employees health, this article will go over some strategies and tips to make the workplace healthier for both employers and employees.  

Improving Employee Mental Health 

There are several serviceable steps that employers can take to improve the mental health of their employees. Mental health has become a key issue in workplace environments in recent years, and modern workplaces will make sure that their employees mental health is protected.  

Here are some steps you can take: 

  • Write a comprehensive mental health strategy for all employees.  
  • Provide support and employee care for all mental health issues as a condition of employment.  
  • Learn how to recognize depression and handle it as a serious issue.  
  • Make time for employees to have fun and connect with their coworkers. 
  • Keep a careful eye on your employees hours per week. Too many hours can lead to burnout, and then more serious mental health.
  • Implement stress management programs and find ways to reduce stress levels in employees.  
  • Survey your employees about mental health in the workplace and take their responses seriously.  

The best way to curate a happy and healthy workplace is by preparing for mental health issues. Even the most well-run workplaces will experience mental health issues with their employees. Instead of trying to prevent mental health issues entirely, come up with a strategy to manage them when they do arise.  

Physical Health Issues 

Physical health issues are easier to spot than mental health problems, but they are much more varied and difficult to treat through workplace strategies.  

The best method for assisting your employees in overcoming their physical anomalies is by implementing whole-person health care standards. Whole-person health care focuses on the health of the whole body rather than just one aspect.  

This means that your company understands and addresses the idea that a persons health is affected greatly by their social and economic conditions. A whole-person approach will address the gaps in an employees current care and consolidate medical care to one point to provide better treatment for each employee.  

It can be very difficult for employers to prevent or even assist their employees with their physical health. The best strategy is to allow every employee the opportunity to care for themselves. Make sure employees can take time off for health purposes and have access to the best medical treatment that your company can afford.  

The healthier your employees, the healthier your workplace.  

Step by Step Improvements 

The best way to improve your workplaces overall health care is by making improvements slowly and including modern best practices when you update your strategies.  

A workplace that focuses on its employees mental and physical health will run more smoothly and have greater success rates than a workplace that regularly burns out its employees. 

If you are looking for a better overall health care package for your business, consider joining your local chamber of commerce with the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA). We have helped chambers all over Ohio improve their overall health care approach.  

Make your business healthier today!

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