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Resources for Finding Workers

One of the hardest parts about filling a position within your company is connecting with a job hunter who is qualified for the work. Likewise, it can be very difficult for someone searching for a job to find an opportunity that both suits their skill level and meets their desired pay.  

When these two demographics do connect it can create a partnership that lasts many years.  

However, many employers don't know how to appropriately search for job candidates in this digital age. In this post, we will briefly outline some websites, strategies, and tips on professionalism for finding qualified candidates.  

Explain the Position Clearly 

First, if you are trying to fill a skilled position you need to give yourself at least one month from the start of your process to your selection of a candidate.  

Next, write your job description. Your descriptions should accomplish the following: 

  • Tell the story of your company (but make it brief) 
  • Avoid jargon and buzzwords 
  • Gave a detailed job description of expectations and responsibilities
  • A clear job title so candidates can find you
  • A detailed plan for company growth
  • The post should be no more than 700 to 1200 words 

When writing your job description, make sure you don't sugarcoat the position. Candidates want a realistic explanation of what they can expect at the job. If you try to make the job sound like a fairytale the only thing you will get is unqualified candidates and a high turnover rate.  

Also, try putting yourself in the shoes of the candidate. What would you want to know if you were applying for the position? What should the candidate expect? What benefits do you offer? Make it as easy as possible for the candidate to understand the posting and you will receive many qualified applications.  

Where to Post 

Once you have your job posting written you are ready to post it. But where? A newspaper won't yield many results these days. Most job searching is done online and that is where you will find the largest pool of qualified workers.  

Here are some sites to consider posting on: 

  • Indeed  
  • LinkedIn
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Craigslist
  • Monster 

Some job searching sites are free while others require a membership, which costs a nominal fee. The free sites will get you more applicants, but the membership sites will get you more serious and experienced candidates. Your choice depends on the type of position you are posting for as well as the level of experience needed.  

You may also consider seeing if there are any specialty job boards for the industry you are posting in. For example, there are specialty jobs boards for IT jobs, publishing jobs, as well as many other industries. Specified job boards can help narrow down your search and ensure that only people within the field you are searching in apply.

How to Make your Company Attractive 

Once you have received one to two dozen candidates, selected five or six to interview. These should be only the most qualified and serious candidates. Invite them into the office for an interview or otherwise schedule one online or over the phone.  

The interview should not only focus on questioning the candidate's experience, it should also paint your business in a professional and positive light.  

Here are some things to focus on in the interview to attract candidates to your company: 

  • Company benefits package
  • Paid time off and holidays
  • Company innovations
  • Your superior technology 

In addition, your office should also appear warm and inviting with happy, productive, and professional workers. Be respectful of the applicant and make them feel welcome. 

If you are working in an unsightly and drab environment with unhappy or rude workers, you must fix your company' s culture before you can hope to onboard high-quality candidates.  

Establish a Sustainable Job Pool 

It is never good for business when a company must constantly search for new employees. To remedy this, always make sure you have a wide pool of potential candidates. 

Here are several actions you can take to make your candidate pool deeper: 

  • Attend university job fairs 
  • Hire and invest in interns
  • Ask employees for referrals
  • Check your customer database and ask for referrals 
  • Having a deep candidate pool will make your job much easier when it comes time to fill a position. Not only that, but you can find candidates who you can trust.  

Hire your Candidate 

Once you have selected the best candidate, it's time to make a job offer. With any luck, they will accept, and you will have a new employee who will make your company a better place to work. 

If you follow these tips, finding the candidate of your dreams will be a breeze. 

If you have a limited network, or if you are struggling to access resources, consider entering your business in your local chamber of commerce. Chambers of commerce are a great way to get connected in your community and find local business owners who can help connect you with qualified candidates. 

The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance is a collective of chambers of commerce all working for unity and camaraderie among business owners in the state of Ohio. Think of it as a super network designed to make your business work. Reach out to SOCA today. 

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