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How to Help Your Employees Manage Stress

The modern American workplace is causing the average worker too much stress.  

Too much work and not enough time to do it causes workers to feel overwhelmed and strained by their daily jobs.


Stress doesnt stop after work either. Many workers take their stress home with them and allow it to corrupt the rest of their lives.  

Because of this, many workplaces are formulating anti-stress initiatives to help decrease the overall levels of stress that their employees face every day.  

In this post, we will go over a few tips that any workplace can use to reduce the amount of stress placed on their employees.

How to Reduce Company Stress 

In the workplace, employee comfort should always be put first. Employees who feel secure and comfortable in their work environments will invariably produce better work than an employee who feels threatened or insecure in their position.  

Consider some of the following steps to improve your employees well-being across the board.  

  • Invest in the workplace.  
  • A great deal of stress we feel every day comes from our environment. Gray dingy offices will make your worker feel depressed and out of place. And their job will only be made that much harder for that fact. 
  • Take small steps to make your office feel more open and inviting. Tear down cubicle walls, implement a vibrant color scheme. Invest in small projects now and your employees will feel less stress later.  

  • Encourage well-being in the workplace. 
  • Diet and exercise go a long way to determining the level of daily stress we feel. 
  • Build a culture that encourages health.  

Try the following: 

  • Encourage your employees to take daily lunch break walks.  
  • Partner with a nearby gym to get employees a discount.  
  • Hold special aerobics classes free for employees.  
  • Purchase pedometers for the office and offer a reward to the employee with the highest number of steps.  
  • Replace junk food with healthy snacks.  

The energy that goes into the body and the energy that comes out determines how much stress an individual feels. Make sure your employees have access to healthy foods and have the chance for serious exercise every day. 

  • Encourage social activity. 
  • Many employees feel isolated in their offices. 
  • You dont have to make every employee best friends with one another, but you should take extra steps to ensure that your employees have a healthy working relationship. 
  • The better your employees know one another, the easier it will be for them to collaborate on projects and accomplish goals.  

  • All for flexible hours and remote working. 
  • Much of the stress that employees feel is created beyond the bounds of the workplace. However, that doesnt mean that employers cant give their employees a chance to tackle their extra-office stress. 
  • Many modern office jobs can be done remotely from the comfort of the home office. 
  • Be lenient with your employees on their schedule, allow them to have flexible hours, and give them the option to work from home. 
  • Focus on work quality rather than time spent in the office. 
  • The more flexibility you can provide your employees the lower their stress levels will be when they are in the office.

Healthier Employees for a Healthier Workplace 

There is too much stress in the workplace today. If left untreated, an abundance of stress can build up and lead to serious mental and physical health problems.  

As an employer, the less stress your employees regularly deal with, the happier and more successful they will be in their jobs.  

There are measured and realistic steps that every workplace can employ to help reduce the stress of all workers. 

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